Lost in Psychosis

Lost in Psychosis is a light-hearted quintessentially Australian, nonfiction novel about a young man’s misadventures with mental illness.

The book is told in first person narrative, through the eyes of Frankie B. Govan. Who had undiagnosed Bipolar disorder and experiences a psychotic episode while traveling alone in South Korea and Thailand.

Growing up in suburban Melbourne. Frankie moves down the coast to Warrnambool to study Aquaculture, where he gets asked not to apply back on student res for the second year because of a spectacular nudie run. After finishing his degree, he then follows his dreams and his mates by translocating to Port Lincoln, South Australia. He gets a job with his mates on a Tuna Farm and finds himself playing a critical role in a world-first tuna breeding program.

After a few near-death experiences from a reckless lifestyle. Frankie starts to question if living on a fish farm in remote south Australia is really worth it. Then, shocked by the sudden death of a close friend in a motorbike accident. He quits his job, moves back home and gives up pot. His mental state then starts to slide. He becomes paranoid and a little delusional but seeks help.

While still not mentally 100% and unsure what do with himself. Frankie decides to attempt to launch a career as an Aquaculture consultant. He plans to do this by travelling solo to a couple of international aquaculture trade conferences.

While attending the first conference in Busan, South Korea he slowly becomes delusional and begins a wave of bizarre and destructive behaviour.


“Surprisingly good” – Anonymous


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